Do legs play a big role when swimming half Iron Man? Is it worth training them hard?

Definitely! Your leg muscles play a crucial role in swimming during a half Ironman triathlon. While your arms and upper body generate the majority of the propulsion in the water, your legs contribute to stabilization and balance, as well as providing additional forward propulsion.

Training your legs for swimming in a half Ironman is absolutely worth it. Strong leg muscles will allow you to maintain proper body position, reducing drag and increasing your efficiency in the water. Additionally, having powerful legs will help you generate more power during kicking, allowing you to maintain a consistent pace throughout the swim leg of the race.

To train your legs effectively for swimming, incorporate exercises that target your lower body. This can include exercises such as squats, lunges, glute bridges, and leg press. Additionally, incorporating swimming drills that focus on kicking, such as flutter kicks or dolphin kicks, will further strengthen your leg muscles and improve your technique in the water.

Remember that while training your legs is important, it’s essential to have a balanced training program that also includes upper body strength and overall cardiovascular fitness. The swim leg of a half Ironman is just one component of the race, so make sure to allocate time for training in all three disciplines (swim, bike, run) to achieve the best results.