Transform Your Triathlon Journey

TRS training platform use scientific approach and Data Science as the keys to lasting change. Stay disciplined and motivated, build your family-work-sport balance to achieve your racing goal with Structured, Results-Driven, and Time-Efficient triathlon Training Plan

Who is TRS designed for?

TRS is designed for amateur triathletes who:

  • 🏊‍ Are already immersed in triathlon and want to excel in 70.3, olympic or 140.6 races
  • 🚴‍ Struggle with workout-to-workout fluctuations in pace and speed at the same heart rate
  • 🤕 Battle issues like overtraining or injury

How TRS Works?

  • 🥇 Select your target triathlon competition
  • 📊 Assess your physiological indicators
  • 📋 Receive a personalized triathlon training plan
  • 🏃‍ Train strategically
  • 🏁 Achieve outstanding race results
  • 🔄 Repeat for new goals